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John Dryden was born on 19 August 1631 in the village rectory of aldwincle near thrapston on Northampton shire England And he died on 12 May 1700 in the city of London, England, when he died, his age was 68. John Dryden father’s name was Erasmus Dryden Erasmus Dryden was born in 1602 and died in June 1654.and John Dryden mother’s name was Mary Pickering Mary Pickering was born in 1601 and Eratsmus Dryden and Mary Pickering were married in 1630. john Dryden was a Poet, playwright,and literary critic of such influence & John Dryden was the first English poet of England, he started his poetry in 1668.

(john dryden early life)

John Dryden was sent to the Westminster School in 1644 And in 1650, john dryden were transferred to Trinity College, Cambridge. In 1654, the got B.A graduation degree, he came top his occupation; poet, literally critic, playwright and librettist. He was made Poet Laureate in the United Kingdom on 13 April 1668. They Completed his work well until January 1688. Richard Busby ea charismatic teacher and
severe disciplinarian. After being re-established by Elizabeth Vall, Westminster during this period adopted a very divisive religious and political stance, becoming a royal and aristocrat encouraged Anglicanism Whatever john Dryden response to this was john Dryden used to respect the headmaster. Later his two sons were sent to the Westminster School. As a humanist public school, Westminster maintained a curriculum which trained pupils in the art of rhetoric and the presentation of arguments for both sides of a given issue.
It’s a skill that will stay with John Dryden and influence his later writing and thinking.in 1650 went to John Dryden Trinity College, Cambridge. Here he experienced a return to the religious and political morality of his childhood

Later Life And Career

After the restoration, John Dryden quickly established himself as one of the leading poet As a literary critic. He transferred his allegiance to the new government Along with the Astraea Redux, Dryden welcomed New government with two more panegyric. These indications indicate that Dreadnought was looking for a potential guardian in court, But is instead he for the publishers Wanted to live a written life
Not for Aaristocracy but for the people who read this and his other non conditional Poem Occasionally there is a public celebration.
In this way they are written for the nation instead of their caste.and the poet’s reward as he becomes later
Out of these, annually it is bound to write a certain number In November 1662, John Dryden is nominated for membership in the Royal Society and he early fellow elected president. John Dryden was irresponsible in the matter of the Society and due to the payment of his debt in 1666

Personal Life

in 1 December 1663 that John Dryden and Lady Elizabeth Howard were married
the marriage was at st. Swithin’s London Elizabeth Howard and Dryden ere married with the consent of their parents Elizabeth was 25 years old at the time Dryden was said to have been bullied at the wedding by his playwright brothers. A small estate in was bequeathed to him by his father. Dryden and his wife were warmly attached to their children. They had three sons, Charles, John, and Erasmus Henry

John Dryden Poems

John Dryden also wrote plays and wrote many poems, .Some Poems i share The people his first poem ;Upon the Death of the Lord Hastings” he wrote in 1648

John dryden best-known poem were (Absalom and Achtophal), Which is published in 1681
people liked this poem very much and they got a lot of success

in 1660 John Dryden wrote the astera redux poem

in 1667 John Dryden wrote the annus mirabills poem

in 1687 john Dryden wrote the (a song of st. Cecila day) of poem

in 1697 john dryden wrote the Alexander’s feast at th power of music lyrical Poem


1. Mac Flecknoe 2. Ode Poem 3. Hidden Flame

4. Happy The Man

5. A Song From The Italian


6. Absalom And Achitophel

7. Alexander’s Feast; or, The Power of Music

8. An Ode, On The Death Of Mr. Henry Purcell

9. Farewell, Ungrateful Traitor!

10. Heroic Stanzas

11. Song From An Evening’s Love

12. Song (Sylvia The Fair, In The Bloom of Fifteen)

13. Song To A Fair Young Lady Going Out Of Town In The Spring

14. Religio Laici

15. Song For Saint Cecilia’s Day, 1687

16. To The Memory Of Mr Oldham

17. To My Dear Friend Mr. Congreve On His Commedy Call’d The Double Dealer

18. Song From Marriage-A-La-Mode

19. Song To A Fair Young Lady Going Out Of Town In The Spring

20. The Medal

21. Your Hay It Is Mow’d, And Your Corn Is Reap’d

22. Why Should A Foolish Marriage Vow

23. Veni, Creator Spiritus

24. Troilus And Cressida

25. To The Pious Memory Of The Accomplished Young Lady Mrs. Anne Killigrew

26. To The Memory Of Mr Oldham

27. To My Dear Friend Mr. Congreve On His Commedy Call’d The Double Dealer


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