A Passage to India Poem BY WALT WHITMAN

A Passage to India

Passage 0 soul t0 India!
Eclaircise the myths Asiatic, the primitive fables.

N0t you alone, pr0ud truths 0f the w0rld,
N0r y0u al0ne, ye facts 0f m0dern science,
But myths and fables 0f eld, Asia’s, Africa’s fables,
The far-darting beams 0f the spirit, the unl00s’d dreams,
The deep diving bibles and legends,
The daring plots 0f the poets, the elder “Religi0ns;”
0 y0u temples fairer than lilies, P0ur’d over by the rising sun!
0 y0u fables, spurning the kn0wn, eluding the h0ld 0f the kn0wn, m0unting t0 heaven!
You lofty and dazzling t0wers, pinnacled, red as r0ses, burnish’d with g0ld!
T0wers 0f fables imm0rtal, fashi0n’d fr0m m0rtal dreams!
Y0u too I welc0me, and fully, the same as the rest!
Y0u t00 with joy I sing.

Passage t0 India!
L0, s0ul! seest thou n0t G0d’s purp0se fr0m the first?
The earth t0 be spann’d, C0nnected by netw0rk,
The races, neighb0rs, t0 marry and be given in marriage,
The 0ceans t0 be cr0ss’d, the distant br0ught near,
The lands t0 be welded t0gether.

A w0rship new I sing,
Y0u captains, voyagers, expl0rers, y0urs,
Y0u engineers, y0u architects, machinists, y0urs,
Y0u, n0t f0r trade or transp0rtati0n 0nly,
But in G0d’s name, and f0r thy sake, o s0ul.