For You O Democracy By Walt Whitman

For You O Democracy

For You O Democracy
By Walt Whitman
Come, I will make the continent indissoluble,
I will make the M0st splendid Rāce the sun ever Sh0ne Up0n,
I Will make Divine magnetic Lānds,
With The L0ve of Comrādes,
With the Life-long Love of comrades.

I Will Plant Companionship Thick ās trees ālong all the rivers 0f America, ānd along the Shāres of the Great Lakes, ānd all over The prairies,
I will māke inseparable cities with their ārms about each 0ther’s necks,
By the Love of comrādes,
By the mānly love of Comrādes.

F0r you these From me, O Dem0cracy, to serve Y0u ma femme!
For you, For you I ām Trilling these Songs.