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Sad quotes



sad quotes about life and pain

feeling hurt quotes relationship



1. Hér every mem0ry strikès like c0ld àir and freeze me àt that m0ment-Sad quotes


2.  All-dày is n0t the sàme, y0u need t0 wàit and be pàtient f0r the g00d things t0 hàppen.-Sad quotes


3. Crying àl0ne d0es n0t sh0w thàt y0u àre weàk but it sh0ws that y0u àre str0ng.-Sad quotes.


4.  Wipe0ut y0ur 0wn teàrs, becàuse if pe0ple c0me t0 y0u they will c0me f0r à deal.-Sad quotes


5. When y0u feel the páin, just remember it’s the signál that y0ur sins áre getting less.-Sad quotes


6. I wish I c0uld ign0re y0u ás y0u did.-Sad quotes


7.  Never let t0 kn0w the reás0n 0f y0ur sadness t0 0thers, they w0n’t get it.-Sad quotes


8.  They just ásk y0u h0w are y0u? Y0u t0ld them y0u áre fine but y0u are n0t really fine.-Sad quotes


9.  Never c0mpare y0urself with 0thers becáuse they d0n’t kn0w y0ur bad time ánd y0u d0n’t kn0w About theirs.-Sad quotes



life is full of problems and pain quotes

Heart Touching sad love Quotes


10. If y0u get a reás0n t0 be háppy, táke it. Life is smáll.-Sad quotes


11.  Y0u can’t hide y0ur feeling ás it can cleárly be seen by y0ur eyes-Sad quotes.


12. If y0u áre a g00d heárt pers0n, y0u are g0ing thr0ugh m0re shit thán any 0ther.-Sad quotes


13. “I love crying in the ráin becáuse when I d0 n0 0ne can heár the páin”-Sad quotes


14. “When she is háppy she can t st0p talkin When she is sad she d0esnt say a w0rd”-Sad quotes


15. “Death is n0t the greatest l0ss in life The greátest l0ss is whát dies inside us while we live”-Sad quotes


16. ‘life g0es 0n whether y0u ch00se t0 m0ve 0n and take a chánge in the unkn0wn 0r stay behind l0cked in the pást thinking 0f what c0uldve be”-Sad quotes


17. “Sad quotes – Never let t0 kn0w the reas0n 0f y0ur sadness t0 0thers they w0n t get it”-Sad quotes


18.”Tears c0me fr0m the heart and n0t f0rm the brain”-Sad quotes


19. “N0thing teachers better thán this tri0: Feárs, Tears and Years”-Sad quotes


20. “I cried becáuse I hád n0 sh0es then I met á man wh0 hád n0 feet”-Sad quotes



life is very painful quotes

Image of Heart Touching sad love Quotes


21. “Life s under n0 0bligati0n t0 give us whát we expect”-Sad quotes


22. “Pe0ple think I’m quiet I’m just 0bserving”-Sad quotes


23. “Tálk About y0ur blessings m0re y0u talk About y0ur pr0blems”-Sad quotes


24. “In life whát y0u reálly want will never c0me easy”-Sad quotes


25. “Sad reality áf life is that reálity is far fr0m expectati0n”-Sad quotes


26. “There is a distinct áwful pain that c0mes with l0ving s0me0ne m0re thán they love y0u”-Sad quotes


27. When y0u feel the pain just remember it s the signal that y0ur sins áre getting less”-Sad quotes


28. “Crying al0ne d0es n0t sh0w thát y0u áre weak but it sh0ws that y0u are str0ng”-Sad quotes


29. “0nly if I c0uld get an másk t0 hide the páll0r 0f the pain y0u gifted”-Sad quotes


30. “Sad quotes – Crying ál0ne d0es n0t sh0w that y0u are weak but it sh0ws that y0u are str0ng”-Sad quotes



depression sad quotes about life

Image of Sad love quotes for him


31. “Sad quotes – Life seems with0ut y0u”-Sad quotes


32. “Dr0wned in dárkness c0nfined in pain”-Sad quotes


33. “And when I lit my teárs 0n th0se streets, y0u were the 0ne wh0 was shaken”


34. “I wish I c0uld puke 0ut all the pain”


35. “And in the end, it s n0t the pe0ple y0u miss It s the mem0ries”


36. “My silence is just an0ther w0rd f0r my pain”


37 “Wáiting is painful F0rgetting is painful But n0t kn0wing which t0 d0 is the w0rse kind 0f suffering”


38. “Never put y0ur háppiness in s0me0ne else hánds”


39. “It hárd t0 ánswer the questi0n what is wr0ng when n0things right”


40. “Deep inside where n0thing is fine I’ve l0st my mind”


depression sad quotes wallpaper

life is full of problems and pain quotes life is full of problems and pain quotes


Sad quotes On life


41. Sadness is but a wall between tw0 gardens. – Khalil Gibran


42.  Every man has his secret s0rr0ws which the w0rld kn0ws n0t, and 0ften times we call a man c0ld when he is 0nly sad. – Henry Wadsw0rth L0ngfell0w


43. Imagine smiling after a slap in the face. Then think 0f d0ing it twenty-f0ur h0urs a day. – Markus Zusak


44. Behind every sweet smile, there is a bitter sadness that n0 0ne can ever see and feel. – Tupac


45. There is pr0digi0us strength in s0rr0w and despair. – Charles Dickens


Deep Sad quotes About Life and Pain


46. He wh0 has felt the deepest grief is best able t0 experience supreme happiness. – Alexandre Dumas


47. It w0uld be wr0ng t0 refuse t0 face the fact that everything is fundamentally sick and sad. – Th0mas Bernhard


48. What brings us t0 tears, will lead us t0 grace. 0ur pain is never wasted. – B0b G0ff


49. Any0ne wh0 has actually been that sad can tell y0u that there’s n0thing beautiful 0r literary 0r mysteri0us About depressi0n. – Jasmine Warga


50. The walls we build ar0und us t0 keep sadness 0ut als0 keeps 0ut the j0y. – Jim R0hn



depression sad quotes about death

sad lines about life


51. Sadness d0es n0t last f0rever when we walk in the directi0n 0f that which we always desired. – Paul0 C0elh0


52. The g00d life is n0t 0ne immune t0 sadness but 0ne in which suffering c0ntributes t0 0ur devel0pment. – Alain de B0tt0n


53. When y0u d0 s0mething n0ble and beautiful and n0b0dy n0ticed, d0 n0t be sad. F0r the sun every m0rning is a beautiful spectacle and yet m0st 0f the audience still sleeps. – J0hn Lenn0n


54. A man wh0 is master 0f himself can end a s0rr0w as easily as he can invent a pleasure. – 0scar Wilde


55. Sadness is never bad,” said Ampar0. ‘Sadness is the mirr0r 0f being happy’. – Tim Will0cks


56. The tragedy 0f life is n0t that it ends s0 s00n, but that we wait s0 l0ng t0 begin it. – William Mather Lewis


57. If y0u desire t0 heal, let y0urself fall ill, let y0urself fall ill. – Rumi


58. D0n’t dwell 0n things. D0n’t stay in 0ne place t00 l0ng. It was the 0nly way t0 stay ahead 0f sadness. – Rick Ri0rdan


59. When I despair, I remember that all thr0ugh hist0ry the way 0f truth and love have always w0n. There have been tyrants and murderers, and f0r a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think 0f it always. – Mahatma Gandhi


60. N0thing sadder than seeing a pers0n settle f0r s0 much l0wer than their p0tential. – Ed Latim0re



depression sad quotes images

Sad love quotes for himSad love quotes for him


61. When y0u’ve suffered a great deal in life, each additi0nal pain is b0th unbearable and trifling. – Yann Martel


Deep Sad quotes About Life and Pain


62. 0ne 0f the greatest tragedies in life is t0 l0se y0ur 0wn sense 0f self and accept the versi0n 0f y0u that is expected by every0ne else. – K.L. T0th


63. Life is n0t a PG feel-g00d m0vie. Real-life 0ften ends badly. Literature tries t0 d0cument this reality while sh0wing us it is still p0ssible f0r us t0 endure n0bly. – Matthew Quick


64. Why d0 pe0ple have t0 be this l0nely? What’s the p0int 0f it all? Milli0ns 0f pe0ple in this w0rld, all 0f them yearning, l00king t0 0thers t0 satisfy them, yet is0lating themselves. Why? Was the earth put here just t0 n0urish human l0neliness? – Haruki Murakami



Sad quotes for girls


65. The saddest thing in the w0rld is l0ving s0me0ne wh0 used t0 love y0u.


66. “I’ll always be here f0r y0u,” they said… then left.


67. I th0ught I l0st y0u but y0u were never really there.


68. When y0u’ve been sad f0r s0 l0ng that when s0ething bad happens y0u d0n’t cry, y0u just sit there and feel numb.


69. Pretend during the day. Break inside at night.


broken heart depression sad quotes

sad qoutes for girls


70. That m0ment when y0u burst int0 tears in y0ur r00m and y0u realize that n0 0ne kn0ws h0w unhappy y0u are.


71. I d0n’t remember what it’s like t0 n0t feel br0ken.


72. She’s str0ng, but she’s already exhausted.


73. We used t0 talk f0r h0urs. L00k at us n0w.


74. Y0u’re afraid t0 tell pe0ple h0w y0u to feel because it will destr0y them, s0 y0u bury it deep inside y0urself where it destr0ys y0u.


75. Yes, I love y0u. But I’m d0ne fighting f0r y0ur attenti0n.


76. I’m 0ften silent when I’m screaming inside.


77. I c0uld say “I’m fine” in fr0nt 0f y0u with tears in my eyes and y0u w0uld still believe I was.


78. We’re like d0min0es; I fall f0r y0u, y0u fall f0r an0ther.


79. And she finally gave up, dr0pped the fake smile as a tear ran d0wn her cheek and she whispered t0 herself “I can’t d0 this anym0re”


80. At s0me p0int, y0u have t0 realize that s0me pe0ple can stay in y0ur heart but n0t in y0ur life.


sad anime quotes about depression

sad quotes about life that make you cry


81. S0me days, I feel everything at 0nce. 0ther days, I feel n0thing at all. I d0n’t kn0w what’s w0rse: Dr0wning beneath the waves 0r dying fr0m the thirst.


82. Pe0ple cry n0t because they are weak, It’s because they’ve been str0ng f0r t00 l0ng.


83. S0metimes, all y0u can d0 is lie in bed, and h0pe t0 f0ll asleep bef0re y0u fall apart.


84. Emptiness feels s0 heavy.


85. The w0rst feeling is wanting t0 cry but having t0 h0ld it in because y0u are in public.


86. Silent tears h0ld the l0udest pain.


87. Have y0u ever wanted t0 cry but n0 tears came 0ut, s0 y0u just stare blankly int0 space while feeling y0ur heart break int0 pieces.


88. She’s standing 0n a line between giving up and seeing h0w much m0re she can take.


89. I tried really hard, I pr0mise. But 0ne day I just w0ke up and I c0uldn’t handle it anym0re.


Sad quotes abOut pain


sad depression quotes that make you cry

Sad quotes about love and pain


91. “Y0u will never kn0w the p0wer 0f y0urself until s0me0ne hurts y0u badly.”


92. “S0metimes I’m n0t angry, I’m hurt and there’s a big difference.”


93. “It d0esn’t matter wh0 hurt y0u, 0r br0ke y0u d0wn, what matters is wh0 made y0u smile again.”


94. “Y0u kn0w it hurts me but y0u d0 it anyway.”


95. “Hurt. I’m fucking hurt. And d0n’t act like y0u care. Because if y0u did, y0u w0uldn’t have d0ne what y0u did.”


96. “I d0n’t like t0 h0ld back, because that’s h0w y0u hurt y0urself.”


97. “It hurts t0 see the 0ne y0u really love loves s0me0ne else. But it hurts even harder when y0u find 0ut that y0u were just their bridge t0 cr0ss 0ver t0 their loved 0nes.”


98. “0ur prime purp0se in this life is t0 help 0thers. And if y0u can’t help them, at least d0n’t hurt them.”


99. “I have f0und the parad0x, that if y0u love until it hurts, there can be n0 m0re hurt, 0nly m0re love.” – M0ther Teresa


100. “Truth is everyb0dy is g0ing t0 hurt y0u: y0u just g0tta find the 0nes w0rth suffering f0r.”


pain depression sad quotes

sad quotes about pain in love


101. “T0 hurt is as human as t0 breathe.”


102. “If y0u love large, y0u’ve g0t t0 hurt large. If y0u’ve g0t a l0t 0f light, y0u’ve pr0bably g0t an equal am0unt 0f darkness.”

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103. “When y0u have a g00d heart: Y0u help t00 much. Y0u trust t00 much. Y0u give t00 much. Y0u love t00 much. And it always seems y0u hurt the m0st.”


104. “My biggest mistake is thinking that pe0ple care f0r me as much as I d0 f0r them.”


105. “love is blind and love can be f00lish. 0ur heart d0esn’t always love the right pe0ple at the right time. S0metimes we hurt the 0nes that love us the m0st and s0metimes we love the 0nes that d0n’t deserve 0ur love at all.”


106. “It hurts if s0me0ne tells y0u they d0n’t want y0u, but it hurts m0re if they d0n’t tell y0u.”


107. “D0n’t waste y0ur time 0n revenge. Th0se wh0 hurt y0u will eventually face their 0wn karma.”


108. “If they keep hurting y0u, love them and stay 0r love y0urself and leave.”


109. “I wish I c0uld give y0u my pain just f0r 0ne m0ment. N0t t0 hurt y0u but rather s0 y0u can finally understand h0w much y0u hurt me.”


110. “It hurts because it matters.”


depression chinese sad quotes

Sad quotes in english


111. “N0 matter h0w far life pushes y0u d0wn, n0 matter h0w much y0u hurt, y0u can always b0unce back.”


112. “Hurt me with the truth but never c0mf0rt me with a lie.”

Hurt quotes

113. “Live and all0w 0thers t0 live; hurt n0 0ne; life is dear t0 all living beings.” – Mahavira
Hurt quotes


114. “N0bdy can hurt me with0ut my permissi0n.”


115. “I have never been hurt by what I have n0t said.” – Calvin C00lidge


116. “W0rds can hurt y0u. In the larger w0rld, it frames h0w pe0ple think About y0u, and it can hurt y0u in l0ts 0f little, subtle ways.” – Nathan Myhrv0ld


117. “I lied because I d0n’t want y0u t0 kn0w h0w much it hurts me.”


118. “S0metimes it’s better t0 be al0ne. N0b0dy can hurt y0u.”


119. “When y0u hurt the 0ne y0u love, y0u are b0und t0 hurt y0urself.”


120. “N0thing hurts m0re than realizing he meant everything t0 y0u and y0u meant n0thing t0 him.”


121. “N0thing hurts m0re than being disapp0inted by the single pers0n y0u th0ught w0uld never hurt y0u.”



depression pain sad quotes

Sad Quotes of life in English


Sad quotes on love


122. “0ur greatest j0y and 0ur greatest pain c0me in 0ur relati0nships with 0thers.” – Stephen R. C0vey

sad love quotes


123. Relati0nships are like glass. S0metimes it’s better t0 leave them br0ken than try t0 hurt y0urself putting it back t0gether. – Unkn0wn


sad love quotes 0n broken relationships
124. It is sad n0t t0 love, but it is much sadder n0t t0 be able t0 love. – Miguel de Unamun0


sad love quotes f0r him

125. “S0me pe0ple are g0ing t0 leave, but that’s n0t the end 0f y0ur st0ry. That’s the end 0f their part in y0ur st0ry.” ― Faraaz Kazi


sad love quotes to inspire you

126. If we must part f0rever, Give me but 0ne kind w0rd t0 think up0n, And please myself with, while my heart’s breaking. – Th0mas 0tway

sad_love_quotes for her

127. “It’s amazing h0w s0me0ne can break y0ur heart and y0u can still love them with all the little pieces.” – Ella Harper

wise sad love quotes

128. There is 0ne pain, I 0ften feel, which y0u will never kn0w. It’s caused by the absence 0f y0u. – Ashleigh Brilliant

deep sad love quotes
129. When y0u think y0ur first falling in love, just then y0u realize y0ur falling 0ut 0f love. – David Grays0n


sad_love_quotes t0 beat sadness

130. “Y0u can cl0se y0ur eyes t0 things y0u d0n’t want t0 see, but y0u can’t cl0se y0ur heart t0 things y0u d0n’t want t0 feel.” – J0hnny Depp


 depression long sad quotes

Short sad love Quotes


sad_love_quotes t0 beat tears


131 “Since I can’t be with y0u right n0w I will have t0 be c0ntent just dreaming About when we will be t0gether again.” – Susan P0lis Schutz


Sad love quotes t0 lighten y0ur s0rr0ws

132. I cann0t eat, I cann0t drink; the pleasures 0f y0uth and love are fled away: there was a g00d time 0nce, but n0w that is g0ne, and life is n0 l0nger life. – Plat0


133. “Falling in love is like h0lding a candle. Initially it lightens up the w0rld ar0und y0u. Then it starts melting and hurt y0u. Finally it g0es 0ff and everything is darker than ever and all y0u are left with is the.. BURN!” ― Syed Arshad


134. “I w0nder if I c0uld take back every ‘I love y0u’ ever said t0 y0u, w0uld I d0 it?” ― Faraaz Kazi


135. “Y0u make me feel like a firefly. Trapped in a belljar; starved f0r love.” ― Ayushee Gh0shal


sad love quotes About feelings


136. “Pe0ple love each 0ther f0r many reas0ns, n0t all 0f them g00d […]. They love each 0ther because it’s easy. 0r because they’re used t0 it. 0r because they’ve given up. 0r because they’re scared.” ― Nathan Hill


137. “He was acting like 0ur kiss had br0ken him, and his reacti0n was breaking me.” ― Shann0n A. Th0mps0n


138. love lies in th0se unsent drafts in y0ur mailb0x. S0metimes y0u w0nder whether things w0uld have been different if y0u’d clicked ‘Send’. – Faraaz Kazi


139. Part 0f me aches at the th0ught 0f her being s0 cl0se yet s0 unt0uchable. – Nich0las Sparks

sad love quotes 0n being cl0se but unt0uchable


140. “love never dies a natural death. It dies because we d0don’t kn0w h0w t0 replenish its s0urce. It dies 0f blindness and err0rs and betrayals. It dies 0f illness and w0unds; it dies 0f weariness, 0f withering, 0f tarnishing.” – Anais Nin


depression hurt sad quotes

simple sad quotes


141. “It is better t0 have loved and l0st, than never t0 have loved at all.” ― Samuel Butler


Sad quotes that might just change y0ur 0utl00k t0wards love and life

142. “The walls we build ar0und us t0 keep sadness 0ut als0 keeps 0ut the j0y.” – Jim R0hn


143. “Ever has it been that love kn0ws n0t its 0wn depth until the h0ur 0f separati0n.” – Kahlil Gibran


144. “There is a time f0r departure, even when there’s n0 certain place t0 g0.” ― Tennessee Williams


145. “Y0u can’t buy love, but y0u can pay heavily f0r it.” ― Henny Y0ungman


146. Y0u meet every0ne twice in this life, when they c0me and when they g0.— C.C Aurel


147. Just let me keep the last piece 0f my heart bef0re y0u tear it all apart.— Lykke Li


148. Sadness flies away 0n the wings 0f time. – Jean de La F0ntaine


149. Never make a decisi0n when y0u are upset, sad, jeal0us 0r in love. – Mari0 Teguh


150. It’s sad t0 kn0w I’m d0ne. But l00king back, I’ve g0t a l0t 0f great mem0ries. – B0nnie Blair


151. S0me days are just bad days, that’s all. Y0u have t0 experience sadness t0 kn0w happiness, and I remind myself that n0t every day is g0ing t0 be a g00d day, that’s just the way it is! – Dita V0n Teese




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