Song From An Evening’s Love

Song From An Evening's Love

John Dryden 1631-1700

After the pangs of a desperate lover,
When day and night I have sighed all in vain,
Ah, what a pleasure it is t0 disc0ver
In her eyes pity, wh0 causes my pain!

When with unkindness 0ur l0ve at a stand is,
And b0th have punished 0urselves with the pain,
Ah, what a pleasure the t0uch 0f her hand is!
Ah, what a pleasure t0 t0uch it again!

When the denial c0mes fainter and fainter,
And her eyes give what her t0ngue d0es deny,
Ah, what a trembling I feel when I venture!
Ah, what a trembling d0es usher my j0y!

When, with a sigh, she acc0rds me the blessing,
And her eyes twinkle ‘twixt pleasure and pain,
Ah, what a j0y ’tis bey0nd all expressing!
Ah, what a j0y t0 hear ‘Shall we again!’