Troilus And Cressida Poem By John Dryden

Troilus And Cressida

John Dryden 1631-1700

Can life be a blessing,
0r w0rth the p0ssessing,
Can life be a blessing if l0ve were away?
Ah n0! th0ugh 0ur l0ve all night keep us waking,
And th0ugh he t0rment us with cares all the day,
Yet he sweetens, he sweetens 0ur pains in the taking,
There’s an h0ur at the last, there’s an h0ur t0 repay.

In ev’ry p0ssessing,
The ravishing blessing,
In ev’ry p0ssessing the fruit 0f 0ur pain,
P00r l0vers f0rget l0ng ages 0f anguish,
Whate’er they have suffer’d and d0ne t0 0btain;
‘Tis a pleasure, a pleasure t0 sigh and t0 languish,
When we h0pe, when we h0pe t0 be happy again.